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KDF Chancellor
LasVegasBandit (Slen/Aye'Janna)
Fleet Founder/Director
Lord_Charles (We are the Borg)
Flag Officer
Flag Officer
Flag Officer
STO Radu
stormangel_1 (Stormangel)
Flag Officer/ Website Admin
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Welcome to the Black Templars

The Black Templars have been created to offset the confusion of other Fleets that aren't doing their appointed duty. In this fleet, you'll find fun, comaraderie, support, and knowledge at all levels. We will be starting Fleet Events very soon.  The Fleet's Directors and Cabinet Members have an Open Door / Open Communicator policy for any questions, comments, concerns or ideas that you may have.

Your Officers,

Black Templar Founder & Director, @LVBandit
Black Templar Fleet Director, @High_Lord_Dragon     
Black Templar Fleet Director, @destaa
Black Templar Fleet Director, @sr25sulu
Black Templar Fleet Director, @nikodemas
KDF Black Templars Fleet Chancellor, @LVBandit
KDF Black Templars Fleet Chancellor, @High_Lord_Dragon
KDF Black Templars Fleet Chancellor, @sr25sulu
KDF Black Templars Fleet Chancellor, @nikodemas    

Guild News    

Fleet Policys and Promotions

STO Radu, Sep 11, 12 1:10 AM.
Black Templar Promotion Rules

all players in the fleet will start at fleet Rank, Recruit(fed) \ Bekk(kdf)
allowed to withdraw one item from there rank tab per day.
only recruits/bekks would be allowed to withdraw items from the recruits\bekk fleet bank tab. Also recruit\bekk ranked player will not be allowed to purchase fleet base provisions. You will when grouped with other fleet mates of higher rank still gain the benefits of the fleet provisions,that they use. This has been made this way to stop a new recruit from transferring into this fleet, and buying out our base provisions, you must also be a member of our mixed fleet channel called "BT Fleet"
it is easy to join.
First: right click the chat box along the top bar. Select the Channel tab.
Second: type the name “ BT Fleet” in the Join/Create box. Click join.. all done

Players that get a leader board score of 10,000 will be fleet rank, Commander(fed) \ Sergeant(kdf)
allowed 2 items per day from his fleet rank bank tab. You would also be able to purchase items from the fleet star base , as long as the star base has the provisions to allow it

Players that get to 50,000 leader board will be fleet rank , Captain(fed) & (kdf)
allowed up to 2 items a day from there fleet rank tab and up to 1 item a day from the lower rank tab. You would also be able to purchase items from the fleet star base, as long as the star base has the provisions to allow it

Players that get to 250,000 on the leader board will be Fleet Rank, Admiral(fed) \ Commander(kdf)
allowed up to 2 items a day from there fleet rank tab and up to 1 item a day from the lower rank tabs. You would also be able to purchase items from the fleet star base.

Players that get to 750,000 on the leader board earn the fleet Rank, Fleet Admiral
(fed) \ General(kdf)This is a sub fleet officer position, you will be able to handle things like people being inappropriate in the fleet, by demoting them and letting a cabinet position or Director know about it, Gain voting right on things like new fleet officer promotions, IE promotions to the rank of cabinet, and any other changes to the fleet laws, keep all ability’s of the admiral fleet rank, can vote on promotions based on social interactions from other fleet members, and what ever I want to toss your way,

as is all ranks of Director(fed) \ Chancellor(kdf) will still be appointed by Radu and Destaa(fed) \ Blue and Borg-8799 alone, As we have had bad luck with other directors\Chancellors in the past.

Players that cant and or don’t want to contribute to the fleet base. Can still earn promotions in the fleet, by being socially active.. by this I mean doing things like helping fleet mates do missions, crafting and donating items to the fleet bank , recruiting new players to the fleet. Any rank will be able to do this, it will still be some work to earn but you can do it, all you need is as few as, 3-5 recommendations by fleet mates that are above you in rank, recommendations can be made to vice admirals , cabinet members and directors via in game mail, then we will look at what you have done, look through fleet logs and player mails and see if what you have done warrants a vote on your promotion, the max fleet rank you can obtain is Fleet Rank, Admiral.
with outstanding service and excellence there may be a special vote held to bring a socially promoted player to the ranks of Vice Admiral or Cabinet.. but you must impress the highest ranking member of the Black Templars to do this.. that would be me. Radu..or my trusted Director: Destaa. Only we can call this vote.. but we can still be influenced by my cabinet members to make that call so .. play your hearts out.. and first and foremost HAVE FUN.

All fleet promotions are based off of your total credits earned on the roster page. this counts both leaderboards from the fleet base and the Embassy 
And a note on alt characters, They will have to earn there rank up.. the only ones above this rule will be directors and cabinet members, so they do not need to constantly switch toons to do there administrative duty's.

Fleet rules on inactive members is.
. If you are inactive for more then 90 days you are subject to being removed from the fleet, I will always send a fleet mail out to let people know when the roster will be purged of it inactive members so if you log back in to the game and find you have been removed you can always get a hold of any Black Templar to be invited to the fleet and we will do our best to get you back up to the rank you held prior to being removed.
Inactive players are players who have not logged on to a character in more then 90 days.
this applys to the website as well.

Pay pal Donation Center    
Please donate. It cost $45 U.S. every 6 months to keep this site activated and fully functional.and $11 U.S. every month for ventrilo voice server. If you like this site or the voice server please help keep it up. There are no promises of promotions or special privilages for donations
Donations made to the above PayPal account are not received by, and are solely for the site administrator who configured this content.
Game news    
We strive to help those that are in need, and appreciate those that value that common goal. Please reach out and invite your friends and acquaintences to the fleet!! New members should add their join date to the comment tab for officers to note.
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